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Environmental Initiatives at the Cafe

It’s no secret cafes are notoriously wasteful. At Mochaberry, we’re working to address our environmental impact by introducing more eco-friendly alternatives and rewarding customers who bring reusable options.

One way we’re introducing more sustainable options is our kraft paper coffee bags, they’re made with a biodegradable liner and can be reused multiple times. Want to skip the bag altogether? We’ll offer a discount on your beans if you bring a reusable bag or container. We recommend an air tight jar to keep your beans fresh!

We’re also happy to offer a discount on all drinks when you bring in a reusable hot or cold cup. If you’re looking for a new travel mug, check out our Keep Cups. We carry the original and glass cups in the cafe.

From biodegradable straws to reusable Mochaberry tote bags, we’re working to implement more sustainable options in the cafe.