Super Creme + Bold! [Subscription]

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Includes our in cafe favourite, Fairtrade Organic Mochaberry Espresso Blend and West Coast Dark roast.  This selection is for the espresso lover and those who like a bold full bodied coffee. Each bag contains 12oz of coffee.

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The Espresso Blend is a special blend of coffee beans that we use in our café to produce awesome espresso shots. It is a signature blend of coffee beans from South America. This blend produces a nice crème and has a tasty caramel, nutty, and toasty finish. It is also great as a regular cup of coffee. The West Coast Dark Roast is a very nice compliment to our espresso blend. It makes a great espresso or a fantastic bold regular drip coffee. This coffee is a blend of coffee beans from Latin America and Indonesia, has low acidity with tasting notes of savory dried fruit and dark chocolate and an enjoyable full mouth finish. We enjoy it best brewed in the Aeropress.

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